Computer World
Spyware Removal Service

Is your computer running a bit slower than usual? Are you getting pop-ups that are out of control?
Chances are you are infected with spyware. Spyware can get on your system from opening email attachments,
by using free file sharing programs, even just by going on to an infected site. Spyware can cause your desktop or laptop
to completely crash. We have devised a system that will get you up and running back to normal.
We will also get you better protected and teach you how to avoid these spyware infections from coming back.
This service is available at a flat rate . The flat rate for spyware service applies only to in-store and pick up service.
Due to the amount of time it takes to clean infected systems, it is not advisable to have this service done at your location,
but it is available. Please call for our in-store flat rates for spyware removal.